• magnifying desk lamp

    Full Spectrum Magnifier Desk Lamp, Black, 30 in. H

  • blue bankers lamp

    Traditional Banker’s Lamp (Chrome with Blue Shade)

  • black organizer desk lamp

    Organizer Compact Fluorescent Desk Lamp

  • clip-on gooseneck desk lamp

    Clip-On Gooseneck Lamp

  • 13w two pin replacement bulb

    Full Spectrum Replacement Bulbs (13 Watt Replacement Bulb, Full Spectrum, 2 Pin)

  • white desk mounted magnifying table lamp

    Magnifier Lamp (White)

  • silver swinging arm desk lamp

    Adjustable Table Lamp, 19W Full Spectrum, Brushed Steel, 16 in. H

  • back view of gray organizer desk lamp

    Organizer Desk Lamp, Silver, 15 in. H

  • black flexible organizer lamp

    Flexible Organizer Lamp

  • black flex-reach domed led desk lamp

    Flex-Reach Domed LED Desk Lamp

  • silver clip-on domed led lamp

    Clip-On Domed LED Lamp

  • desk mounted magnifier lamp

    Magnifier Lamp (Black)

  • black gooseneck desk lamp with metal shade

    Advanced Style Gooseneck Desk Lamp, Black, 16 in. H

  • low profile fluorescent lamp

    Low-Profile Under Cabinet Lights – 15 watt, 18" long

  • low profile under cabinet fluorescent lights

    Lamp, under cabinet, 34in, LED

  • black gooseneck desk lamp with metal shade

    Gooseneck Desk Lamp w/ Metal Shade, Black, 16 in. H