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Advantus Breakaway Lanyard with Plastic Hook, Black, 12/BX

SKU 97131

These durable and lightweight breakaway lanyards are designed with safety in mind. Each lanyard is designed with a breakaway feature that ensures your safety if the lanyard is snagged, pulled, or caught and is equipped with a black plastic hook for attaching identification cards or name badges. Ideal for use in non-metal environments such as security areas of airports and CAT or MRI areas of hospitals. Measures 36" in length.

  • Breakaway lanyards designed with safety in mind
  • Ensures safety if the lanyard is pulled, or caught
  • Ideal for non-metal areas in airports or hospitals
  • Measures 36" in length
  • Black
  • 19.5"H x 0.05"W x 0.32"L